E.on Kraftwerke Gmbh – Strategic Swot Analysis Review

E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH (E.ON) is a Germany based company engaged in the power generation business. It is a subsidiary of E.ON Energie. The company operates power plants at 28 sites in Germany. The total installed capacity of the companys electric power generating facilities is around 15,000 MW. In addition, the company has power plants with […]

Making Different Types Of Ghillie Suits

There are different types you can make. 1. The Military type (Hat, Jacket, and Pants. Canvas on front, burlap on back.) the kind i use, and showing you. 2. The Jacket/Poncho type (Hat or Hood and Jacket/Poncho. Canvas on front, burlap on back.) Just use the jacket directions, skip the pants. 3. The Lightweight Hat […]

It is time to improve the innovation ability

p>As we all know, sand is indispensable in construction, modern reinforced concrete buildings and flat road cannot be separated from the tremendous contribution the sand industry has made for the economic construction. The sand maker industry is an industry with long history. Till today, it has become one of the basic industries supporting national modernization. […]

HARMAN launches Innovation Hub platform

HARMAN has announced the launch of its new Innovation Hub platform where customers, partners and other stakeholders can learn about how Harman’s innovations are leading the industry. The site features a variety of multimedia content such as articles, interviews, videos, info graphics and white papers on the key technologies of infotainment, branded audio, connectivity, cloud […]